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I love your work! How can I book an appointment?

To book with us, please call, email us, or reach out via social media.  We are working by appointment-only for the time being due to COVID-19.  If what you're wanting is relatively small/simple, we do host "Walk-in Days" on Wednesdays & Saturdays.  Be sure to call the shop before coming by to assure that we are not all busy with other clients.


Do I need to bring anything with me to my consultation?


Yes! Please bring $50-100 to cover your deposit as well as any reference photos you would like your artist to use when designing your tattoo. Be prepared to give a brief description of what you're after including approximate size, placement, and whether you're looking for color work or black and grey. Please also keep in mind your availability and if there are any particular days/times that work best for you.


What is covered by my deposit?

Deposits are non-refundable and act as a small amount of security for your artist so that they know they will be paid for the work they're putting in should a client cancel or no show. The amount goes towards the final price of the tattoo; should you need to reschedule your appointment, please notify your artist no later than 24hrs before your appointment.


I am from out of town, how can I book without coming into the shop?


Of course it's always best to speak to your artist in person when doing a consultation, but we understand this can be difficult if you don't live in the area.  For our out of towners, we recommend correspondence via email. Please be as descriptive as possible and include all of information listed in question two, then you may pay your deposit over the phone.


Do you do piercings?


We do not currently have a piercer nor do we sell any body jewelry, but we will absolutely let you know if that changes!  If you'd like a recommendation for a professional piercer in town, please let us know.


I am a minor but have my parents' permission, can I get tattooed?


Unfortunately, in the state of Texas, you must be at least 18 to legally receive a tattoo from a professional. Hopefully you won't have too long to wait, and we look forward to seeing you on your 18th birthday!


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?


Yes! You may bring one emotional support buddy with you to your appointments, provided you both wear masks and have not been in contact with anyone unwell in the past 2 weeks. 

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